Message of Zhengzhou University(Events)
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[1] 2018.02.25  ZZU Holds Series of 2018 New Year Activities (.Events, Publisher:新闻中心, Frequency of visit:73)
[2] 2018.02.04  2017 ZZU Global Talents Introduction Pitch Meeting and International Forum for ZZU Young Scholars are Held (.Events, Publisher:新闻中心, Frequency of visit:111)
[4] 2018.01.12  ZZU Is Awarded the Title of the First “National Civilized Campus” (.Events, Publisher:新闻中心, Frequency of visit:192)
[5] 2017.10.31  ZZU Enters the World First-Class University Construction Sequence (.Events, Publisher:新闻中心, Frequency of visit:370)
[6] 2017.10.31  The Second China ASEAN Youth Forum is Held in ZZU (.Events, Publisher:新闻中心, Frequency of visit:235)
[7] 2017.10.25  ZZU Holds the Opening Ceremony &the Welcoming Evening Party to New Students of 2017 (.Events, Publisher:新闻中心, Frequency of visit:308)
[8] 2017.09.12  ZZU Held 2017 Sino-US “Urbanization, Globalization and Climate Change” Symposium (.Events, Publisher:新闻中心, Frequency of visit:321)
[10] 2017.08.07  ZZU Holds 2017 Commencement and Degree-conferring Ceremony (.Events, Publisher:新闻中心, Frequency of visit:355)
[12] 2017.04.20  2017 Cross-border E-commerce Assembly Held Superbly in Zhengzhou (.Events, Publisher:新闻中心, Frequency of visit:1089)
[16] 2016.12.06  The 13th Global Congress on Manufacturing and Management Held in Zhengzhou University (.Events, Publisher:新闻中心, Frequency of visit:683)
[19] 2016.09.27  Zhengzhou University Held the First Homecoming Day and Alumni Federation General Assembly (.Events, Publisher:网络管理中心, Frequency of visit:546)
[20] 2016.09.27  Professor Robert Orr, Assistant UN Secretary General and Dean of School of Public Policy in University of Maryland (.Events, Publisher:网络管理中心, Frequency of visit:560)
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