ZZU History Students Win the 9th Discover-China Liji Archaeology Scholarship
Publisher: Yang Ming   From: ZZU   Publish Date: 2020.11.20   Read Count: 31 
Recently, the 9th Li Ji Archeology Scholarship announced the winners. 10 works from the University of Sydney, Peking University, Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University, Renmin University of China, Sun Yat-sen University, Northwest University, Nankai University, Jilin University and ZZU were the recipients of the awards. Among them, under the guidance of associate professor Cui Tianxing, the article “Simulation Experiments of Turquoise Products and Utilization Strategies of Turquoise in the Peiligang Cultural Period” written by Fu Jianli, a 2018 graduate student of the School of History, won the Li Ji Archeology Scholarship. In addition, “Study on the Craftsmanship of the Pottery Mould Unearthed from the Guanzhuang Site in Xingyang City”, directed by associate professor Gao Xiangping and written by 2017 graduate student Zhang Shaobei, and “Analysis of Forensic Anthropology about Decapitation in the Tombs of the Warring States Period at Bailuzhou, Liu’an of Anhui” directed by associate professor Zhou Yawei and authored by the 2018 graduate student Lin Shuang won the finalists respectively. 郑州大学版权所有,禁止非法转载!2020-11-24 23:27:24
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