ZZU Advances on Mechanism of IBD-Elicited Colon Cancer
Publisher: Yang Ming   From: ZZU   Publish Date: 2020.11.12   Read Count: 32 
Recently, ZZU team of Prof. Dong Zigang published the latest research results “ARC is a Critical Protector against Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) and IBD-associated Colorectal Tumorigenesis” in the world-renowned journal Cancer Research. The in-depth study of IBD and IBD-elicited colon cancer has discovered for the first time that ARC (apoptosis repressor with caspase recruitment domain) with a caspase-enriched functional domain can maintain a stable intestinal environment, and inhibit the occurrence of IBD and IBD-elicited colon cancer. Prof. Dong Zigang is the corresponding author of the article. Dr. Qiushi Wang and Dr. Tianshun Zhang, members of the research team at the University of Minnesota, are the co-first authors.
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