Party Secretary Song Zhenghui Visits Frontline Medical Staff on Chinese Doctors’ Day
Publisher: Yang Ming   From: ZZU   Publish Date: 2020.10.22   Read Count: 45 
On August 19, also known as the third Chinese Doctors’ Day, Song Zhenghui, party secretary of ZZU party committee, took time to visit representatives of medical staff who were working on the front line at the First Affiliated Hospital. Through them he extended warm holiday greetings and lofty regards to all the medical staff of ZZU, and presented them with flowers and red envelops. Vice President Dong Zigang and Dean Liu Zhangsuo of the First Affiliated Hospital joined the visit.

Song Zhenghui first came to the ophthalmology clinic, when the hundred-year-old doctor Zhang Xiaofang was working in the clinic. Song had a cordial talk with the old doctor, and asked him in detail about his work and physical condition. He pointed out that Zhang Xiaofang, as a leading ophthalmologist, has made outstanding contributions to Henan’s medical and health industry. Dr. Zhang deserves the honor as the first batch of “Top Ten Most Beautiful Doctors” in the country. He is the banner of party members and the role model of teachers and students. He is a treasure of both ZZU and the country. Song Zhenghui expressed gratitude and appreciations to the medical workers represented by Zhang Xiaofang, and wished the old doctor good health and happy holiday.

Centenarian Zhang Xiaofang fondly recalled the history of medical school and the development of ophthalmology in ZZU in the past 92 years, and said that “people must contribute to society while they are alive” and he will do his utmost for ZZU’s first-class construction and national medical and health care.

In the outpatient department of respiratory medicine, Song Zhenghui had a cordial meeting with Zhang Guojun, the leader of the new coronary pneumonia medical treatment expert team in Henan Province. Song noted that since the outbreak of Covid-19, the medical staff of ZZU have been acting as heroes in harm’s way to provide the patients with the most meticulous treatment, with concrete actions to interpret the noble spirit of saving the dead and helping the wounded, and showing the responsibility and accountability of ZZU people. On behalf of ZZU, he extended high respect and holiday greetings to all medical workers in the affiliated hospitals, and encouraged them to carry forward the anti-plague spirit, enhance their skills and climb the peak of medicine, whereby creating a good medical environment for all Henan people.

On behalf of frontline medical workers, Zhang Guojun expressed his gratitude to ZZU for its long-term care and support, and said that he will go on working hard to improve the level of medical technology and service, provide technical and talent support for ZZU’s first-class discipline construction, and protect the health of Henan people heart and soul. 郑州大学版权所有,禁止非法转载!2020-11-24 23:10:40
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