ZZU Wins the Bid for the “14th Five-Year Plan” Major Strategic Planning Project of Zhengzhou
Publisher: Yang Ming   From: ZZU   Publish Date: 2020.10.09   Read Count: 117 
A few days ago, as one of the major strategic plans of the 14th five-year plan of Zhengzhou City, “General Plan for Implementing the Strategy of Building a Foundation and Supplementing Shortcomings and Catching Up and Accelerating Innovation and Development” completed the bidding process, and ZZU successfully won the bid. The total budget of the planning project is 1.98 million yuan, and the planning work is undertaken by the interdisciplinary planning service team led by Prof. Zhang Zhen of the School of Electrical Engineering.郑州大学版权所有,禁止非法转载!2021-06-13 13:01:58
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