ZZU and Shanghai Organic Chemistry Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences Hold an Opening Ceremony of Molecular Catalysis & Synthesis Institute
Publisher: Yang Ming   From: ZZU   Publish Date: 2020.09.16   Read Count: 95 
On August 11, the opening ceremony of the “Institute of Molecular Catalysis and Synthesis” jointly established by ZZU and the Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences was held on the main campus of ZZU. Academician Tang Yong, director of the Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, researcher Li Ang, deputy director, Liu Jiongtian, vice chairman of the Henan Provincial Committee of the C.P.P.C.C. and president of ZZU, and Guan Shaokang, member of the Standing Committee of the school party committee and vice president, attended the ceremony. Responsible comrades and representatives of teachers and students from both parties attended the ceremony. The ceremony was presided over by Guan Shaokang.

On behalf of ZZU, Liu Jiongtian welcomed Tang Yong and his party, and briefly introduced the construction of the first-class university from the aspects of development history, first-class planning, discipline layout and governance reform. He pointed out that Shanghai Institute of organic chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, as a comprehensive research institution integrating exploring the truth of natural science, facing the needs of national strategy and national economy, and promoting the industrialization of high and new technology, has made remarkable achievements in basic research, application research and high-tech development, personnel training and so on Scientific and technological undertakings and economic and social development have made important contributions.

He expressed the hope that the two sides can deepen practical cooperation, give full play to the regional and industrial advantages of Henan Province, the advantages of scientific research talents of Shanghai organic Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the multidisciplinary comprehensive advantages of ZZU so as to build the “Institute of molecular catalysis and synthesis” into an innovation research highland, further promote the construction and development of Henan advanced technology research institute, support the construction of relevant disciplines and personnel training, and promote the development of Henan advanced technology research institute The development of related industries in Henan has injected strong impetus, making new contributions to compose a more brilliant chapter in the Central Plains in the new era and help the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

In his speech, Tang Yong congratulated ZZU on its achievements in rapid development in recent years, highly recognized the achievements in chemical discipline development, and looked forward to further deepening cooperation and common development with the school. He pointed out that the establishment of the “Institute of molecular catalysis and synthesis” is a new beginning of cooperation between the two sides. He hoped that the two sides would strengthen cooperation in postgraduate training, key laboratory platform construction and open discipline intersection, complement each otherˊs advantages, expand development space, and jointly contribute to regional and national economic development.

Liu Jiongtian and Tang Yong jointly inaugurated the Institute of Molecular Catalysis and Synthesis.郑州大学版权所有,禁止非法转载!2020-11-27 06:15:47
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