Wang Dongjie, Chairman of Zhuhai APEX Microelectronics Co., Ltd. visits ZZU
Publisher: Yang Ming   From: ZZU   Publish Date: 2020.09.09   Read Count: 82 
On August 7, Wang Dongjie, chairman and general manager of Zhuhai APEX Microelectronics Co., Ltd., Ding Li, deputy general manager and chief engineer, Hou Guangqian, deputy chief engineer, and his entourage visited the school. Liu Jiongtian, vice chairman of the Henan Provincial Committee of the C.P.P.C.C. and president of ZZU, Qu Lingbo, member of the standing Committee of the party committee and vice president of ZZU, had a discussion with the guests, and responsible comrades of the president’s office, development planning office, discipline and key construction department, college of physics, school of microelectronics, and other units attended the discussion.

Liu Jiongtian welcomed Wang Dongjie and briefly introduced the construction of ZZU from aspects such as basic situation development planning disciplinary layout and industry-university-research cooperation etc.

He said that Zhuhai APEX Microelectronics Co., Ltd. has perfect design and development institutions and complete independent production capacity, and has strong strength in the design, development and production of semiconductor integrated circuits and microelectronic software and hardware systems. The construction of the school of microelectronics aims to solve the major national needs and frontier problems in the field of microelectronics, train talents in the field of microelectronics, carry out research and development of microelectronics technology, promote scientific research and industrial cooperation between microelectronics and integrated circuits, and support and serve the local economic and social development.

Mr Wang Dongjie congratulated ZZU on its achievements in recent years. He said Zhuhai APEX Microelectronics Co. Ltd. since 2000 established long-term cultivation security chip R&D stable accounting for compatible consumables safety chip global market dominant position. He hoped that on the basis of good cooperation between both sides further promote industry-university-research deep integration enhance integrated circuit represented microelectronics discipline development realize mutually win-win between enterprises and schools.郑州大学版权所有,禁止非法转载!2020-11-27 05:30:29
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