ZZU Holds the First-class University Construction Project Implementation Promotion Meeting and Signing Ceremony of Project Responsibility Letter
Publisher: Yang Ming   From: ZZU   Publish Date: 2020.07.29   Read Count: 86 
On the morning of June 12, ZZU held a first-class university construction project implementation promotion meeting and signing ceremony of project responsibility letter. Vice president Zhao Minghu attended the meeting, and the responsible comrades of relevant functional departments attended the meeting on site. More than 100 persons including the main responsible comrades of the department where the project is located and the project leader participated in the meeting through live video.

The responsible comrades of the first-class university construction office reported the implementation of the project system. The school organized relevant departments to jointly review the project implementation plan to ensure that the implementation plan can be operated, the performance objectives can be evaluated, and the fund expenditure can be forewarned, which further stimulates the endogenous power of project construction.

Zhao affirmed the progress made in the implementation of the first-class university construction project system, and put forward clear requirements for further promoting project construction and process management. First, we should further unify our thinking and take responsibility in a higher position; Second, it is necessary to further clarify the rights and responsibilities to ensure that the implementation of key links is not discounted. In the key links of project warehousing, ex-warehouse, implementation and performance evaluation, relevant functional departments should shoulder the responsibility and take the initiative to provide continuous guidance and guarantee for the project construction; Third, it is necessary to further strengthen coordination and linkage and form a normalized project management mechanism. Relevant functional departments should have a sense of the overall situation, form a linkage working mechanism, and cooperate closely and provide good services. He called for the establishment of a project management information system platform as soon as possible, with the quarterly report of project progress as the starting point, pay close attention to the use plan of project funds, actively promote the progress of project procurement, and do a good job in the supervision and inspection of project implementation process to ensure the effectiveness of project construction.

At the meeting, Zhao Mingheng signed the “Letter of Responsibility for the Construction of the First-class University of Zhengzhou University” with the representative of the chief executive of the project on behalf of ZZU. The responsible comrades of Discipline and Key Construction Division and Academic Affairs Office spoke as the chief executive representative of the project. (First Class University Construction Office)郑州大学版权所有,禁止非法转载!2020-10-29 03:37:11
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