Song Zhenghui, Secretary of the Party Committee of ZZU, Investigates the Construction of First-class Disciplines
Publisher: Yang Ming   From: ZZU   Publish Date: 2020.07.24   Read Count: 207 
On June 11 and 16, Song Zhenghui, secretary of the school’s party committee, successively conducted research in six first-class construction disciplines, including resource materials, engineering safety and disaster prevention, green catalysis, Central Plains history and culture, green and efficient agriculture, tumor prevention and treatment, and transformational medicine.

School leaders Gu Zhenqing, Guan Shaokang, Han Guohe, Zhao Mingyi, Dong Zigang, principal responsible comrades of relevant functional departments and colleges, and leaders of relevant disciplines participated in the research.

In the discipline of resources and materials, Song Zhenghui visited He Jilin, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and inspected the National Local Joint Engineering Research Center for Green Separation, Metallurgy and Processing, the Collaborative Innovation Center jointly built by the provincial ministry of resources and materials, and the Magnesium-based Technology and Materials Laboratory, and observed the product display on the spot.

In the discipline of engineering safety and disaster prevention, Song Zhenghui listened to the introduction of discipline construction, understood in detail the construction plan of the Yellow River laboratory, and fully affirmed the timely integration into the national strategy and the planning and construction of the Yellow River laboratory from a high starting point. He hopes to further refine the discipline direction, gather high-end talents, create a highland of innovation, strengthen coordination, and strive to be approved as a national scientific research platform.

In the discipline of green catalysis, Song Zhenghui had an in-depth understanding of the progress of discipline construction, and inspected the International Joint Laboratory of Green Construction and Biological Analysis of Functional Molecules in Henan Province and the Laboratory of Crystal Molecular Functional Materials of ZZU. Zang Shuangquan, Fu Yongzhu and other outstanding young scholars are encouraged to continue to strengthen teamwork, gather academic resources, play an exemplary role, and make new contributions to environmental protection and the green and sustainable development of economy and society.

In the discipline of history and culture in Central Plains, Song Zhenghui visited Liu Qingzhu, member of the academic department of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, inspected the Research Center for the Inheritance, Dissemination and Education of Chinese Character Civilization and the MuQing Research Center of “Donˊt Forget the People”, visited the cultural relics exhibition room, watched the bronze chime bell performance of Zheng State, and observed the latest research results of some departments. He fully affirmed that the discipline was based on the resources and characteristics of Henan Province and embodied the style of Central Plains and style, leading cultural heritage and innovation of the good development trend.

In the discipline of green and efficient agriculture, Song Zhenghui visited the State Key Laboratory of Cotton Biology, inquired in detail about the discipline construction plan, personnel training system, transformation of scientific research achievements, and sharing of large-scale experimental devices. He also visited cotton experimental fields, and encouraged the discipline to further strengthen the talent introduction and training, improve the talent training structure, and enhance the discipline construction level It serves the high-quality development of agriculture in the whole province and strongly supports the construction of a strong modern agricultural province.

In the discipline of oncology prevention and transformation medicine, Song Zhenghui learned in detail about the ideas, measures and progress in the discipline organization system, talents and academic resources, personnel training reform, and the construction of international teaching staff, and inspected the State Key Laboratory for the Prevention and Treatment of Esophageal Cancer jointly built by the provincial and ministry. He hoped that the discipline will make continuous efforts to serve the national medical and health cause with higher-level academic achievements, and contribute to the construction of healthy China.

Song Zhenghui stressed that we should further seize development opportunities, focus on key areas, deepen connotation construction, and promote the construction of first-class disciplines to a new level. We should focus on innovation, strengthen services, connect with the major strategic layout of the country, face the needs of economic and social development, adhere to the service orientation and first-class traction, integrate forces, and jointly tackle key problems, and launch a batch of high-level research results, so as to continuously improve the social service ability.郑州大学版权所有,禁止非法转载!2020-11-27 06:07:38
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