ZZU Makes Progress in the Study of the Pathological Mechanism of Pure Autonomic Dysfunction
Publisher: Yang Ming   From: zzu   Publish Date: 2020.07.06   Read Count: 169 
Recently, the team of Prof. Teng Junfang from the First Affiliated Hospital of ZZU published a research paper in the internationally renowned journal Nature Communication, successfully creating autonomic ganglionic injection of α-synuclein fibrils as a model of pure autonomic failure α-synucleinopathy for the first time. Teng Junfang, Ding Xuebing, Wang Xuejing, the First Affiliated Hospital of ZZU, and partners Li Jiayi, Lund University, Sweden, and Tang Beisha, Xiangya Hospital of Central South University are the corresponding authors. Wang Xuejing, the First Affiliated Hospital of ZZU, and Ma Mingming, the People’s Hospital of Henan Province, are the co-first authors. This study fills the gap in the animal model of pure autonomic dysfunction caused by α-Syn pathology, which is helpful for the further exploration of the pathological mechanism of autonomic dysfunction associated with α-synuclein.郑州大学版权所有,禁止非法转载!2021-01-26 21:06:12
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