ZZU Faculty and Students Tune in and Watch Celebrations of the 70th Anniversary of PRC
Publisher: Yang Ming   From: zzu   Publish Date: 2019.11.29   Read Count: 172 
On October 1st, the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China was held in Beijing.  Communist Party General Secretary, President, and Central Military Commission Chairman Xi Jinping attended the meeting and delivered an important speech.

ZZU organized teachers and students to tune in and watch the great event. University cable radio broadcast simultaneously on four campuses, and all the cafeterias on campus were open to the public, broadcasting live the event and related celebrations. The teachers and students of school flag guards spontaneously organized to watch the event and related celebrations in No.2 lecture hall of the Integrated Management Center. Various units organized faculty and students to watch the live broadcast of the conference through TV, internet and radio, who earnestly studied the important ideas of speech by General Secretary Xi Jinping.

The important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping has aroused enthusiastic echos among ZZU faculty and students who could not help expressing themselves with their hearts. Everyone was very excited about the achievements China has made in the past 70 years and was full of confidence and expectation for the prosperous and beautiful future of the motherland. They all said that they should ground themselves in their own duties, work hard, and carry out the spirit of the important speech of the General Secretary in the construction of ZZU as a first-class university with practical actions, and contribute to the “Chinese Dream” of realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese people. 郑州大学版权所有,禁止非法转载!2021-01-25 16:20:32
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