ZZU Holds a Commendation Conference to Mark Teachers’ Day
Publisher: Yang Ming   From: zzu   Publish Date: 2019.11.15   Read Count: 132 
On September 10, ZZU held a Teachersˊ Day commendation meeting to celebrate the 35th Teachersˊ Day.
The meeting was attended by ZZU leaders, including Niu Shucheng, Liu Jiongtian, Qu Lingbo, Li Xingcheng, Jia Shaoxin, Zhang Qianhong, Xu Dongsheng, Guan Shaokang, Wu Hongyang, and Zhao Mingfu, joined by members of the leading group for the work of the ”Three Aspects of Education” of ZZU, chiefs of party and government work in all units of the university, and representatives of teachers and students.
Gu Zhenqing, deputy secretary of the school party committee and chairman of the labour union, presided over the meeting.

Qu Lingbo, member of Standing Committee of the Party Committee, and Vice-President of ZZU, Li Xingcheng, Vice-Secretary of the Party Committee of ZZU, read out the award decisions respectively.

At the conference, the leaders presented honorary certificates to the representatives of ”Three Aspects of Education” advanced individuals and high-level achievement winners. President Academician Liu Jiongtian, awarded awards to the representatives of “teachers over 30 years of seniority”.

National Model Teacher, Prof.Yu Li, recipient of High-Level Achievement Award, from School of Public Administration, representatives of ”Three Aspects of Education” Advanced Individual, Prof. Shi Dongyang of School of Mathematics and Statistics, Prof. Cui Zhe of School of Materials Science and Engineering and Associate Professor Zhu Han from School of Basic Medicine made speeches respectively.

Niu Shucheng, Party Secretary of ZZU, puts forward three hopes and requirements for the teachers: first, face the new era, strengthen the political position and grasp the great historical opportunities for education; Second, devote themselves to a new journey, strengthen the sense of mission responsibility and carry forward the school motto spirit of “seeking truth and taking responsibility”;Third, create a new situation, compose wonderful chapters, carry forward the fine tradition, work hard, strive for the first place, and build the same frequency resonance and peer with ZZU’s first-class university construction, so as to realize the double harvest of personal growth and school development.郑州大学版权所有,禁止非法转载!2020-07-14 08:36:39
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