ZZU Prof. Zang Shuangquan’s Team Makes Progress in the Field of Metal Cluster Modification and Assembly Research
Publisher: Yang Ming   From: zzu   Publish Date: 2019.10.23   Read Count: 169 
Recently, Prof. Zang Shuangquan, School of Chemistry at ZZU, has made a series of positive progress in the field of metal cluster modification and assembly research. The research results have been successively published in the advanced journal of chemical materials, Advanced Science. The paper entitled “Guest-Triggered Aggregation-Induced Emission in Silver Chalcogenolate Cluster Metal-Organic Frameworks” lists doctoral student Wu Xiaohui as the first author, Prof. Zang Shuangquanm, Dr. Li Wei, and Academician Tang Benzhong of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.as correspondence authors, and another paper entitled “Cu14 Cluster with Partial Cu(0) Character:Difference in Electronic Structure from Isostructural Silver Analog”, lists Ph.D. student Li Yanling as the first author, Prof. Zang Shuangquan and Dr. Wang Chaoyan as the Correspondence authors of the paper.
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