Xingyang Guanzhuang Site Excavation Chaired by ZZU Enters the Top Ten New Archaeological Discoveries in China
Publisher: Yang Ming   From: zzu   Publish Date: 2019.05.13   Read Count: 227 
The results of the initial evaluation of 2018 top ten new archaeological discoveries were announced on Feb. 19. And 20 new archaeological discoveries including Xingyang Guanzhuang site excavation chaired by ZZU teachers and students in archaeology were named as finalists. In early March of this year, at the “2018 Henan Archaeological Discovery Forum” held in Zhengzhou, Guanzhuang Site got in “ 2018 Five New Archaeological Discoveries in Henan”.(translator Song Gencheng)郑州大学版权所有,禁止非法转载!2020-02-29 18:02:39
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