2018 ZZU Cup Eurasian Korfball Championship Closes
Publisher: Yang Ming   From: zzu   Publish Date: 2018.08.21   Read Count: 332 
On June 25, the 2018 “ZZU Cup” Eurasian Korfball Championship has successfully closed in ZZU. Huang Yingzhe, Vice President of the International Korfball Federation and President of the Asian Korfball Association, Jan Sjouke Van Den Bos, President of Royal Dutch Korfball Association, Zheng Weiming, Secretary-General of Asian Association and President of Hong Kong Korfball Association of China, President Academician Liu Jiongtian, and Vice President Wu Hongyang attended the closing ceremony. More than 2,000 from the participating teams and representatives of faculty and students attended the closing ceremony.

The final results of the tournament were announced at the closing ceremony. The Dutch team, the Chinese Taipei team and the Chinese team ranked the top three. Jan Sjouke Van Den Bos, Zheng Weiming, and Liu Jiongtian respectively awarded the trophies to the winning teams. Wu Hongyang announced the closing of the “ZZU Cup” Eurasian Korfball Championship in 2018.

The officials of the International Union of the Netherlands, the Asian-Chinese Union and the Royal Dutch Korfball Association spoke highly of the championship and expressed their support for ZZU to hold higher-level international competitions, wishing that ZZU will play a bigger role in promoting the korfball in the world. (translator Song Gencheng)郑州大学版权所有,禁止非法转载!2020-08-06 21:25:20
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