Referral of "News & Views" Column in the Nature Journal
Publisher: Yang Ming   From: zzu   Publish Date: 2018.01.12   Read Count: 292 
Recent Developments in 2D Materials Research at School of Physics and Engineering of ZZU. Recently, Professor Evan J. Reed of Stanford University in the United States was invited to write a featured article entitled “Two-dimensional Tellurium Materials” in the column “News & Views” of Nature, introducing the latest progress in the field of dimensional materials research made by Prof. Jia Yu’s research group from School of Physics of ZZU.

The article noted that Prof. Jia Yuˊs team, jointly with Prof. Zhang Zhenyu’s team from University of Science and Technology of China, scientists from Hong Kong University, Hanyang University in Korea, Utah University and University of London, predicted three different kinds of structures of tellurene based on intrinsic polyvalent of tellurium, and also found that tellurium alkene has outstanding optical absorption properties and far higher in carrier mobility than molybdenum disulfide monolayer, thus expected to play an important role in the future of quantum devices.(translator Song Gencheng)
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