Nobel Laureate in Physiology or Medicine Makes an Academic Report as ZZU Professor
Publisher: Yang Ming   From: zzu   Publish Date: 2017.12.03   Read Count: 253 
On October 22, Nobel laureate in physiology or medicine, Pro. Erwin Neher, a German biophysicist, visited ZZU and signed a cooperation agreement to establish a Nobel Prize workstation. He also made an academic report for teachers and students. Party Secretary Niu Shucheng, and Vice President Qu Lingbo met with the guests.

Secretary Niu introduced about the situation of ZZU to be a world-class university, noting that ZZU is planning to break through first in such disciplines as cancer prevention and transformation medicine so as to reach the world leading level and wished to get the support and help from Prof. Erwin Nell and looked forward to more in-depth cooperation with him.

Prof. Erwin Neher congratulated ZZU’s entry into the list of the construction of world-class university project, wishing the report can motivate the students in ZZU to study with ardour and inspire them to make further study in the field of biological physics for more fruitful results.

Secretary Niu awarded a letter of appointment to Prof. Erwin Neher as a guest professor in ZZU.

After the meeting, Prof. Erwin Neher gave a report entitled “the application and prospect of ion channel in neuropsychiatric diseases”. Vice President Qu Lingbo chaired the report.

After the report, the nameplate unveiling ceremony of “the Nobel Prize for Erwin Neherˊs workstation” was held. Present were Prof.Erwin Nell, Deputy Secretary Jin Lei of Zhengzhou City Party Commission, Deputy Secretary General Zhang Hongjun of Zhengzhou Municipal Government, Wang Xinting, Secretary of Party Working Committee of Zhengzhou High-tech Zone and Director of Administrative Committee as well as ZZU Secretary Niu Shucheng etc., and Vice President Qu Lingbo chaired the ceremony.

After the ceremony, Prof. Neher visited the Academy of Medical Sciences and the Nobel Prize workstation, and listened to the introduction by relevant staff and signed a cooperation agreement with ZZU, planning to jointly carry out talent training, scientific research and transformation work.(translator Song Gencheng)
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