Delegation Headed by School Party Secretary Niu Shucheng Attend the Inaugural Meeting of the Alumni Association of Australia and Visit New Zealand Alumni
Publisher: Yang Ming   From: zzu   Publish Date: 2017.11.15   Read Count: 307 
From September 21 to 27, School Party Secretary Niu Shucheng, accompanied by some chiefs of related units, headed a delegation to the inaugural meeting of Australia Alumni Association and visited New Zealand alumni.

On September 24, Secretary Niu attended the inaugural meeting of the Australian Alumni Association held at the University of Wollongong, Australia. The General Assembly passed the Charter of the Australian Alumni Association of Zhengzhou University, and elected the first session of the Council.

In his address, Secretary Niu introduced the development of ZZU in all aspects, hoping that alumni could coherently care and support the development of their Alma mater, and contribute to the construction of their Alma mater. Finally, he blessed the masses of alumni in Australia: long thrive with study, career and household!

At the meeting, Secretary Niu presented a banner and some calligraphy works to Alumni Association of Australia, awarded a letter of appointment to its honorary chairman.

On September 26, Secretary Niu visited ZZU Alumni in New Zealand and had a discussion with them. At the forum, Secretary Niu introduced the development of schools in recent years, hoping that every alumnus in New Zealand would contribute to the Sino-New Zealand friendship from generation to generation, to the construction of motherland and the Alma mater. At the forum, Secretary Niu presented some works of calligraphy to the Alumni Association of New Zealand. (translator Song Gencheng)

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