Researchers from ZZU’s School of Electrical Engineering Published Their Fruits in Nature Communications
Publisher: Yang Ming   From: zzu   Publish Date: 2017.10.25   Read Count: 313 
Recently,researchers from ZZU’s School of Electrical Engineering, working jointly with their peers in Stanford University, developed a lithium/polysulfide liquid battery for energy storage which can be “regenerative” to tackle the difficulty of large-scale energy storage for power grid. Related research fruits were published online in Nature Communications, the subordinate serials of the prestigious international journal Nature. Dr. Jin Yang from the Research Center of the Large-scale Energy Storage and Equipment Technology of Electrical Power System in ZZU’s School of Electrical Engineering, and Postdoc Zhou Guangmin from Stanford University were co-first authors, with Professor Cui Yi from Stanford University as the corresponding author of this article.(translator Song Gencheng)
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