ZZU-Starred China Korfball Team Ranked the 5th in the 10th World Games
Publisher: Yang Ming   From: zzu   Publish Date: 2017.09.19   Read Count: 347 
From July 21 to 25, the 10th World Games was held in Wroclaw City, Poland, attracting top teams from Europe, Asia and Oceania. In the second stage of intensive cross-match, China beat UK and Australia, ranking the fifth, and setting the best record for China in this game.

Chinese coach was Prof. Ma Xiangcheng from ZZU, and 8 of 16 team members were also from ZZU. As a training base for China Korfball, ZZU is responsible for selection and intensified training of China Korfball.

After the match, International Korfball Federation, KNKV(Koninklijk Nederlands Korfbalverbond), China Korfball Association, and ZZU respectively sent their congratulatory letters.

In view of ZZU’s part in this World Games, International Korfball Federation and China Korfball Association declared they would mainly support ZZU Korfball sport, wishing ZZU to prepare fully for the coming 2018 World Korfball Championship.(translator Song Gencheng)
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