Prof. Marx Dohmman, Senior Expert in International Water and Environmental Protection Visits ZZU
Publisher: Yang Ming   From: zzu   Publish Date: 2017.06.05   Read Count: 328 
On May 11, Professor Marx Dohmman, a senior expert in international water and environmental protection, visited ZZU. Vice President Han Guohe met with the guest.

Vice President Han introduced the general situation of ZZU, especially the progress in establishing overseas virtual institutes. He wished via the cooperation with Prof. Dohmann more advanced research and technology platforms could be established to promote the mutual development of both sides’ research cooperation and talents training, hence consistently facilitate the development of ZZU’s water conservancy and environment disciplines and the progression of Internationalization of ZZU.

Prof. Marx Dohmann expected to start mutual cooperation first from research, pushing forward exchanges of staff and students and joint training of students step by step. During his visit, Prof. Dohmann held a discussion with the faculty and students of School of Water Conservancy and Environment and delivered a special report.
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