On behalf of the National Team,Teachers and Students from Zhengzhou University Ranked Third in the International Korfball Competition
Publisher: Yang Ming   From: zzu   Publish Date: 2017.01.25   Read Count: 485 
From 27 to 30 December, 2016 International Korfball Competition hosted by KNKV(Koninklijk Nederlands Korfbalverbond) was held in Rotterdam, Netherlands, attracting 14 teams from 5 countries and clubs. China’s National Team, with members recruited from Zhengzhou University and Tianjin University of Science & Technology took part in the International Korfball Competition and ranked third in the end.

China’s National Korfball Team was headed by chief coach Ma Xiangcheng, a professor in Institute of Physical Education, Zhengzhou University. And Zhang Dongjie and other 9 students from Zhengzhou University were selected into the team. During the competition, Chen Ribiao, Charge d’Affaires from Chinese Embassy in Netherlands, along with other leaders, came to watch the competition, appraising highly the performance of China’s National Team.
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