The 13th Global Congress on Manufacturing and Management Held in Zhengzhou University
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The 13th Global Congress on Manufacturing and Management Held in Zhengzhou University
From 28th to 30th November, the 13th Global Congress on Manufacturing and Management (GCMM 2016) was held in Zhengzhou University, making it the first time in China. The congress was jointly hosted by Zhengzhou University, Indian Vellore Institute of Technology and Australian Queensland University of Technology. Vice President Zhang Qianhong of Zhengzhou University attended the congress, joining the prestigious experts, scholars, business people from 13 countries and regions including India, UK, France, Romania, Czech, Russia, Australia, Poland, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, and Chinese Taiwan etc, as well as representatives of Chinese experts and scholars in related fields and of faculty and students from related schools and departments of Zhengzhou University.

Vice President Zhang Qianhong addressed the congress, introducing the general situation of Zhengzhou University. She said, by bringing together Chinese and foreign experts and scholars in the field of manufacturing and management to discuss challenging issues and research progress, this congress would build a positive academic and technological exchange platform for international cooperation in the realm of manufacturing and management, and facilitate sustainable innovations, applications and development of manufacturing and management technology.

With a theme of “Made in China 2025” Action Plan, Intelligent Manufacturing and Management Synergetic Development, the congress promoted discussion and exchanges around Internet Plus, intelligent manufacturing, Internet of Things and Industry 4.0, mega data and other hot topics to share global advanced technology and experience in manufacturing industry. The experts and scholars offered 39 special reports. The congress received more than 500 full papers in all from 16 countries. The academic atmosphere of Zhengzhou University and the congress’s fantastic organization were highly appraised by the scholars, experts and representatives. During the congress, the council for Global Congress on Manufacturing and Management was held, adding Zhengzhou University, Russian Omsk State Technical University and Polish Lublin University of Technology as new council members. 郑州大学版权所有,禁止非法转载!2021-01-18 17:32:21
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