The International Academic Conference on Precision Medicine and Tumor Control was Held in ZZU
Publisher: Yang Ming   From: zzu   Publish Date: 2016.08.30   Read Count: 570 
From Aug.29-30, the international academic conference on precision medicine and tumor control was held in Zhengzhou University. Cao Xuetao, the president of Chinese Academy of Medicine Science, Yang Shengli, the member of CAMS, and Liu Jiongtian, the president of ZZU and the member of Chinese Academy of Engineering attended the commence ceremony. Besides, the experts, scholars and students from London University, Verona University, Yale University, Medical College of Wisconsin, Brigham and Womenˊs Hospital, Rutgers University, Shandong Tumor Control and Treatment Hospital, the Medicine Science School of ZZU, as well as medicine schools, the attached hospitals, the colleges both inside and outside Henan province, and the scientific institutes which are interested in precision medicine and tumor control. Professor Nick Lemoine, the dean of the medicine science school of ZZU and the fellow of British Academy of Medicine Science was the chairman of the conference.

Professor Liu made the commence address that the medicine science had been taken as the traditional advantage discipline in ZZU, as well as the key part and support to the establishment of ZZU as both the first-class discipline and the first-class university. It had taken the responsibility for listing among the first-class disciplines, and taking the lead in achieving the internationalization as well as raising the first-class talents. ZZU paid the high attention on the development of the medicine science and would provide the big support in many aspects such as policy. So experts were hoped to work together and strengthen the cooperation with ZZU in order to make contributions to the precision medicine and tumor control.

During the conference, the famous experts and scholars at home and abroad in this field such as Cao Xuetao and Yang Shengli ,the members of Chinese Academy of Medicine Science, exchanges the academic opinions on the latest development.
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