Party Secretary of CPC of Zhengzhou University Niu Shucheng Headed a Delegation to Universities in France, Belgium and Germany
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At the invitation of Toulouse Business School, France, Free University of Brussels, Belgium and the University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany, Party Secretary of Zhengzhou University Niu Shucheng headed a delegation to three countries to carry out activities of cooperation and exchange.
During his visit to France, Party Secretary Niu met with Rosie, Vice Chairman of Europe-China Commercial Union. They explored issues on exchanges and cooperation based on Europe-China Commercial Union and French universities; the delegation also carried on consultations on internship opportunities in France for students from Zhengzhou University .
In Institut Supérieur de lˊAéronautique et de lˊEspace, Mr. Niu and other personnel met with Prof. Olivier Lesbre, headmaster of the university and heads of relevant departments. Both sides briefed the basic situation of their own university, expressed the desire to strengthen pragmatic cooperation and had an in-depth discussion around Xinzheng International Airport Comprehensive Economic Pilot Zone and the establishment of Airport Faculty of Economics in Zhengzhou University. During their stay, the delegation visited the headquarter of Airbus in Toulouse.
At Toulouse Business School, France, the delegation held in-depth and fruitful consultations with Prof. Stephanie Lavinge, headmaster of the university and both sides agreed to strengthen cooperation in aspects such as students exchange and scientific research. Zhengzhou University, Toulouse Business School and Europe-China Education and Science Personnel Centre jointly signed a “1+1”training agreement on Master of Management in Lean Supply Chain. During the visit, Dardelet, vice mayor of Toulouse, met with the delegation, led by party secretary Niu Shucheng.
At Free University of Brussels, Belgium, the delegation met with Prof. Jan Cornelis, vice president of University and related heads of International Cooperation Division, School of Civil Engineering and School of Electrical Engineering. Both sides conducted an in-depth discussion on matters related to joint education of masters in Civil Engineering and signed program cooperation agreements.
In the University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany, the delegation met with Prof. Aidika, headmaster of the university and heads of the Faculty of Engineering and International Cooperation Department. Both sides signed a cooperation agreement on scientific and academic exchanges, student exchange visits and degreed on joint education and identified the joint implementation of “China-Germany Excellent Engineers” project to co-educate undergraduates and graduates based on the original cooperation of undergraduate students exchange. The delegation also visited exchange students and teachers from Zhengzhou University in the University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany.
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