Headmaster Liu Jiongtian Attending Sino-Russia University Presidents Summit on Invitation
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Sino-Russia University Presidents Summit was held in Moscow State University in Russia on July 5th. This summit was an important part of the 17th section of the China-Russia Committee on Humanities Cooperation. Chinese Vice-Premier Liu Yandong, accompanied by Russian Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets attended the summit. President of Zhengzhou University Liu Jiongtian, was invited to attend the summit.
The summit has four parallel Summit venues. Principal Liu Jiongtian and representatives from Chinese and Russian universities co-chaired the fourth parallel session, where the representatives from eight Chinese and Russian universities made statements on themes such as “social cultural cooperation, youth exchanges, cultural festivals, competitions and sports games”
At the summit, witnessed by Russian Deputy Prime Minister Golodets and Chinese Vice Premier Liu Yandong, President Liu and Principal Victor Sadovnichy of Lomonosov Moscow State University co-signed the agreement on undergraduate education in cooperation, which stood for the further cooperation between the two universities since Principal Liu visited the Lomonosov Moscow State University and signed the cooperation agreement in June last year.
During the visit in Moscow, Principal Liu Jiongtian paid a visit to Moscow State University of Culture And Arts and Moscow National Normal University. Principal Liu met with the Vice Chancellor Natalia in charge of international affairs of Moscow State University of Culture And Arts and they discussed specific issues on the contract extension between the two universities and reached a consensus.
At Moscow National Normal University, Principal Liu met with Principal Semionov. They reached a preliminary consensus on the establishment of joint education programs aiming at promoting Chinese culture and Shaolin martial arts in Moscow National Normal University.
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