Zhengzhou University Held the First Homecoming Day and Alumni Federation General Assembly
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Homecoming Day and Alumni Federation General Assembly
On July 2nd and 3rd, the first Zhengzhou University Homecoming Day and Alumni Federation General Assembly was held successfully. On the morning of July 2nd, Alumni Federation General Assembly and the first Representative Assembly was held. More than 500 people attended the assembly, among whom were Party Secretary Niu Shucheng, President and Academician Liu Jiongtian, President of Henan Normal University Chang Junbiao, school leaders including Li Xingcheng, Wu Hongliang, Wang Zongmin, Zhang Qianhong, Liu Guoji, Gu Zhenqing, Guan Shaokang, Han Guohe and Li Huijun, and alumni representatives.
In his welcoming speech, Party Secretary Niu Shucheng stressed that the alumni are the most precious wealth of our university. ZZU has over 870 hundred alumni, working diligently and wholeheartedly in different fields and respective positions. They have made outstanding contributions to the economic development and social progress as well as winning ZZU good reputation. He hoped that the alumni will extend continuous care and support to their Alma Mater as always, as the most enthusiastic followers and the strongest supporters for the development of the university and would contribute intelligence and strength to the “Double First-rate Construction ” of our university.
President Liu Jiongtian made a speech on behalf of the university. He took “Integration of Universities”, “Characteristics of Disciplines” and “Modern Governance” as the main line and introduced the development road of the university. He raised hopes for the work of Alumni Federation General Assembly. First, we should do well in the cultural construction of alumni for the students at school and promote normalization and brand-based construction of alumni work. Second, we should implement the functions of Alumni Federation General Assembly and set up a platform to ensure the contact between alumni and alumni, and that between alumni and the Alma Mater.
President Chang Junbiao gave a congratulation speech on behalf of other university alumni. He spoke that the alumni work of Zhengzhou University, with its high level, large scale and superb service, has set a good example for other universities. He retraced the historical connection and friendship between the two universities, and hoped the two would deepen exchange and cooperation to promote common development.
Ge Jiqian, schoolfellow of Grade 1958 and president of provincial alumni association, Xie Guoji, schoolfellow of Grade 1977 and president of ZZU alumni association in Beijing, Guo Yukun, schoolfellow of Grade 1977 and president of ZZU alumni association in Guangdong, Xu Jiaqiang, schoolfellow of Grade 1981 and executive president of ZZU alumni association in Shanghai, Yang Guowei, schoolfellow of Grade 1981, Dai Tao, schoolfellow of Grade 1986, Zhang Le, schoolfellow of Grade 1992 and president of ZZU alumni association in North America delivered speeches at the assembly.
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