Israeli Guests Visited Zhengzhou University
Publisher: Zhang Zijiao   From: zzu   Publish Date: 2016.09.27   Read Count: 472 
Entrusted by the Principal of Hebrew University Arthur Cohn, a delegation headed by Director of HDBS company Danny Halaoci visited Zhengzhou University. President Liu Jongtian, an academician of China Engineering Academy, Vice President Zhang Qianhong and Han Guohe met with the visiting guests.
President Liu extended a warm welcome to the delegation and introduced the basic situation of Zhengzhou University. Mr. Halaoci said, this visit was aimed at contributing to the consultations of cooperation between Hebrew University and Zhengzhou University in aspects such as disciplines, academics, innovation and applications of technologies. Hebrew University proposed that a “Joint Entrepreneurial Innovation Centre” be set up by cooperative efforts of the two universities and that the two universities cooperate in medicine, agriculture, science, engineering and other disciplines. President Liu Jongtian expressed his approval to the proposal and said that an effort would be made to realize the exchange between the two universities and further negotiations on the cooperation and exchange within two years.
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